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2011 video of Kesha denying being raped surfaces, her attorney says Dr. Luke threatened her

26 February 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – A 2011 deposition video has been released days after a judge has ordered that Kesha should continue her contract with Sony and Dr. Luke without having any form of communication with the latter.

The video that has surfaced showed that Kesha denied being raped by Dr. Luke as well as him making sexual advances towards her. The testimony was given during a separate lawsuit filed in 2010 by DAS Communications. The lawsuit was filed after Kesha was reportedly convinced by Dr. Luke to break her record deal with DAS Communications and sign a contract under his label.

In the video, Kesha’s mother, Pebe Sebert , was also questioned and she also denied any knowledge saying that Dr. Luke and Kesha have engaged in a sexual relationship.

These depositions are then different from the claims of the mother and daughter in the 2014 lawsuit she has filed against the producer. She alleged that he sexually assaulted her and drugged her that is why she wants to be freed from the remaining years that she has to work with him as per the contract. The lawsuit is still pending but a preliminary injunction requesting that Kesha could release new music outside of Sony has been denied.

The attorney of Kesha , Mark Geragos , has released a statement regarding the 2011 deposition video. In it, Geragos explained, "Dr. Luke threatened her and her mother. Only after going to rehab and undergoing intense therapy was Kesha strong enough to stand up to this monster."

In her sworn statement in an affidavit submitted to the New York Supreme Court last September 2015, Kesha touched on Dr. Luke threatening her. She shared, "I specifically remember him telling me that if I ever tried to get away from him for any reason that he would tie me up in litigation until my career was over. He made it very clear to me and my mom that he owned me and there was nothing I could do about it."

Dr. Luke has continued to deny the claims of Kesha and even took to Twitter to say that he never raped her or touched her.

The attorney of Dr. Luke, Christine Lepera , also released a statement after the video surfaced. Lepera said, "Tellingly, Kesha continues to evade the under oath sworn testimony of no abuse from her and her mother – and the video of their testimony speaks a thousand words.”