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Abby Lee Miller announces on IG she is quitting ‘Dance Moms’

28 March 2017 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Pittsburgh, PA, United States (4E) – Abby Lee Miller, best known in the reality TV dance show “Dance Moms,” took to Twitter to say she no longer wants to be part of the series.

The 50-year-old dance instructor said she decided to leave the Lifetime show after six year. She shared a photo of her with some of her dancers and wrote alongside it, “The majority of children that follow me may be fast asleep, however now is the critical time to make the following statement: I WILL NO LONGER TAKE PART IN DANCE MOMS. FOR THE PAST SIX YEARS/ SEVEN SEASONS I HAVE ASKED, BEGGED, AND EVEN DEMANDED CREATIVE CREDIT FOR ALL THE IDEAS, AWARD WINNING ROUTINES, THEMES, AND COSTUMING – TO NO AVAIL!”

She added she has no problem working with any of the kids because she loves children and she dedicated her life to making other people’s children successful. However, she has a problem being manipulated, disrespected, and used. Lifetime has not yet commented on the accusations made by Miller.

Although Miller no longer wants to be part of “Dance Moms,” a source close to the show said they will continue shooting and the producers still hope Miller returns to lead the kids. The show has been picked up for four more episodes for the current seasons.

It is believed celebrity choreographer, Laurieann Gibson, will teach the girls in place of Miller. A source claimed Miller did not like Gibson around but the latter was brought in when Miller was on hiatus from filming for weeks.

Miller has been facing legal trouble in the past months after she pleaded guilty to the charge of concealing bankruptcy assets and for one count of not reporting an international monetary transaction last June 2016.

“Dance Moms” airs Tuesdays on Lifetime at 9 P.M.

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