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Actress Constance Zimmer promises ‘UnReal’ Season 2 will be as crazy and twisted as first installment

7 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – “UnReal” Season 2 was released on Lifetime on Monday and many were worried that the show will not top its first season’s plot but actress Constance Zimmer, who plays the role of Quinn, promised that the upcoming episodes will be as crazy and demented as the first installment.

As per the behind-the-scenes of season 2, it was not seen what kind of crazy will take place as compared to season 1, which saw a death of one of the women who came to play for the love of a man. However, in one of the teaser videos, Quinn and Rachel were seen twisting the statements of the new contestants in order to make them look mean.

Zimmer shared in her latest interview, “We're not going to try and top it. What we want to do is we just want to still create the same good, solid, crazy, dark, demented show again. The people behind the scenes are even worse than they were before because they also feel this pressure of, 'Come on, last season somebody died and we had incredible ratings.’”

As for those who are not up-to-date, “UnReal” is like the reality show “The Bachelor” as women inside Everlasting, the fictional home in the series, are competing in order to win the love of one man.

More on Quinn and Rachel, the two will be promoted to higher positions for this second season. They will also be having new love interests in season 2.

In the first season, Freddie Stroma , who played Adam Cromwell, was the love interest of Rachel, played by Shiri Appleby. Rachel was heartbroken from her co-worker and former lover in season 1 thus falling in love with Adam, who was the bachelor at that time. A new producer is said to be introduced for season 2 and he and Rachel will have something romantic.

As for Quinn, her relationship with Chet, played by Craig Bierko , will start to deteriorate. A new cast member named Ioan Gruffudd will be coming in and he and Quinn will also be linked romantically. It is not clear how that will sit with Chet.