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Amber Rose talks being a single mom, co-parenting with ex Wiz Khalifa

7 July 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Amber Rose r ecently talked about co-parenting with an ex-partner as well as being a single mother when she was asked by fans during a question and answer segment on Buzzfeed .

Rose has an upcoming reality show premiering this week and was promoting it when she answered questions from her fans. She has answered most of the questions but one that stood out was about giving an advice on co-parenting and being a single. She has been a single mother to her son Sebastian bust still spends time with her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa for the sake of their child.

Rose was asked by the Facebook user about what is the best advice she could give to single mommas out there and she noted that it is about co-parenting. Rose shared, "Women are just naturally smarter, so if you just really take the high road in every situation, especially with a separation or a divorce or something, if you're always the bigger person, the nicer person in the situation, eventually they'll come around and it'll be the best thing that could ever happen for your baby."

She suggested that single moms should try to have family days with the baby’s father despite the break-up and fall out of their relationship. She noted that spending time as a family is the best thing for the child.

Rose continued to share that she has noticed her son Sebastian’s best moments are when he spends time with her and the rapper. She added that she knows it is easy for a fight to arise but the parents should just try to focus on their children when they spend time as a family. The best friend of Blac Chyna added, “Just push for that—don't bring up old [expletive], don't bring up anything that happened in your relationship—just worry about your baby.”

Aside from that, she told her fans that she does not care what her son chooses to do in life but she would always teach her to be respectful to women.