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Amy Schumer laughs at and critiques Jennifer Lawrence interviews

26 April 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Amy Schumer laughed at and critiqued the past interviews of Jennifer Lawrence for her Vanity Fair behind-the-scenes video.

According to the Vanity Fair video, the “Trainwreck” star played a couple of videos of her good friend Lawrence and fact checked whatever the “Hunger Games” actress revealed in her interviews. In one of the interviews, Lawrence was asked what advice could she give to a 10-year-old. Lawrence said that one must always be nice as it is the time when one goes through a lot of things emotionally. However, Schumer contested, "That's really sweet, but Jen is the meanest person I know. So that doesn't really apply."

Schumer continued to reveal that whenever they write together, Lawrence say a lot of hurtful things but that makes the comedienne laugh. The two reportedly write each other into the script and they will also write character descriptions for each other.

Lawrence was also asked in another clip about her ideal Saturday night and she said that there has to be wine and she would like to have that liquor indoors and with close friends. Schumer agreed to her friend’s statements.

In another clip, Lawrence revealed how she and Schumer met. Lawrence said that she saw the movie “Trainwreck” and she emailed the comedienne and told her to write a movie for both of them. Schumer also had high praises for her friend saying that Lawrence is actually a good writer.

For the last clip, Lawrence said that they should just ask Schumer if she ever saw anyone pee in a bidet. Schumer then said, "That girl, she sees a bidet, she's gonna piss in it. Um, no. She's very clean. She's great. Bidets are for washing your a–hole and not peeing in them."

Schumer has graced the cover for the May issue of Vanity Fair.