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Anna Camp talks Elizabeth Banks not directing ‘Pitch Perfect 3,’ not yet sure if she is part of the movie

24 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – Elizabeth Banks will no longer be directing the upcoming third installment of “Pitch Perfect” and one of the actresses who starred in the first two installments, Anna Camp, reacted to the news.

Fans of the movie are upset that Banks will no longer be directing “Pitch Perfect 3” and so is 33-year-old Camp. The actress plays the role of the uptight former Barden Bella member and she said that she has had the pleasure of working with 42-year-old Banks in the past two films.

She added, “I know she has a family and I know she has so much on her plate right now. She’s one of the busiest ladies in Hollywood. I know she’s still going to be in the movie and a producer on the movie so she’ll be very much a presence. I think we’ll definitely miss her as a director.” Fans are assured that Banks will still be seen in the movie but it remains unclear who will be taking on her role as the director for “Pitch Perfect 3.”

Although it has been confirmed that “Pitch Perfect 3” is set to happen, Camp did reveal that she is not y et sure if she will be in it. She said that it is still not confirmed if she will be taking part somehow. She noted that everything is up in the air now especially after Banks left as the director. She noted that they are still finding a new director for the third franchise of the film and the movie is still being written. No one has seen the script yet but Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick were assured to be in it.

Camp also added that her fiancé , Skylar Astin , has not been confirmed also if he will be part of “Pitch Perfect 3.” Despite the changes, Camp said that she hopes to see her character Aubrey be in the third film. And if her character will be part of it, she said that she hopes Aubrey will be less uptight and be chill that no one would recognize her.