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Anna Kendrick talks not wanting to be like Taylor Swift

1 July 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – “Pitch Perfect” actress Anna Kendrick has talked about not wanting to be like Taylor Swift when it comes to interacting with fans as she feels she would be terrible at it.

The “Shake It Off” singer is known for going through the border when it comes to her fans such as hosting parties for them by inviting them to her home to listen to her album, sending money to fans who are in need, singing to children who are terminally ill, and even surprising fans at their weddings.

Kendrick also has a large fan base and is known for her funny Twitter posts. However, in a recent interview with Net-A-Porter's The Edit, Kendrick said that she would not be as interactively great as compared to Taylor Swift when it comes to her fans. Kendrick is promoting her new film “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.”

Kendrick shared, "I could play Madame Bovary and I'd still end up being dry and cynical. There are times where someone will be like, 'Do that thing! You know, do your thing!' I get mildly annoyed by that. But on a greater scale, I'm lucky that's [my] reputation; when I'm snarky with people, they know that's just how I communicate."

She added that she would be terrible being like Swift, whom she called as the perfect Miss America version, when interacting with fans. She said that Swift makes sure that her fans have a good experience while for her, she said that she does not want people to meet her as she might “f**k” up their day. She added, “..but I'm glad I can say something weird to them and they know that's just me.”

Kendrick and Swift might not be in the same circle of friends as they have never been photographed together before. It has been reported before that Swift could be part of the movie “Pitch Perfect 3” as star Anna Camp said she would make a great Bel and that would make the movie even bigger.

Swift has not yet commented on Kendrick’s latest statements.