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Ariana Grande gifted with Kylie Jenner’s entire lip kit for birthday

27 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Kylie Jenner has gifted Ariana Grande her entire lip kit for the singer’s birthday and the “Dangerous Woman” hit maker took to Snapchat to show her gratitude to the 18-year-old businesswoman.

According to reports, a few days before the singer turned 23 years old, she was able to receive the gift from Jenner . She posted a video on Snapchat showing the gift and the caption read, “Happy early birthday to me. Thank you Kylie. My [lips] bout to be so happy Love U.” The birthday of Grande is on June 26, Sunday.

The entire lip kit that Grande received was said to be sold-out in stores. There were a total of three boxes filled with the lipsticks from Jenner . Two of the boxes included the new Fourth of July shades.

Aside from Grande, her mother Joan was also excited for the gifts that her daughter just got. Grande shared a Snapchat video and was heard talking about the Kymajesty shade, which her mom tried out. The lipstick color is described as "a blackened gunmetal sprinkled with silver and multi-colored glitter on top."

Joan told her daughter in the video that she might not be in the demographic of Jenner when she designed the lipsticks but Grande interjected, “Shut up! You’re beautiful!” Joan was seen wearing the lipstick in the video and it coordinated with her whole look as she had black nail polish and was wearing a black ensemble.

In another video, Grande shared that she always wears the lipsticks Mary Jo J and Candy K. However, she said that she could not wait to try the rest of the other shades. She then thanked Jenner for the gifts.

Jenner and Grande do not hang out all the time but they have been friends for years now. Back in 2013, the two posed together at the MTV Movie Awards.