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Ariana Grande talks about being objectified, received backlash; Singer continues to defend herself

29 December 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Ariana Grande is not letting anyone objectify her and will not let people who thinks her speaking out is wrong as she defended herself once again after facing backlash when she talked about a certain moment when a fan of hers objectified her while she was with her boyfriend.

Grande was out and about with Mac Miller when a fan told him, “Ariana is sexy as hell man I see you, I see you hitting that!!!” She continued to share the story saying that she felt fear and inadequacy after hearing that comment as she is not a piece of meat that a man gets to utilize for pleasure. She said that she is an adult human being who is in a relationship with a man who treats her with love and respect.

Grande said that she wanted to talk about it because she wants to encourage open communication and raise awareness around such situations. She concluded, "We need to share and be vocal when something makes us feel comfortable, because if we don't, it will just continue. We are not objects or prizes. We are QUEENS."

She shared this story on Twitter and noted that she felt sick about what happened but some fans argued that the way she dresses, which is in a revealing manner, might have contributed to why she was objectified. They also pointed out the way she dances in her music videos.

She then wrote on Twitter again that expressing one’s sexuality in art is not an invitation for disrespect just like how a woman wears a short skirt is not asking to be assaulted. She continued, "Women's choice. our bodies, our clothing, our music, our personalities….. sexy, flirty, fun. it is not. an open. invitation."

Grande added, "You are literally saying that if we look a certain way, we are yours to take. But we are not !!! It's our right to express ourselves."

Miller is yet to comment on the matter. They have been very private about their relationship.

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