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  • Ariana Grande’s team says she was invited to perform at DNC but declined due to her busy schedule

Ariana Grande’s team says she was invited to perform at DNC but declined due to her busy schedule

26 July 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Despite reports of the email leaks from the Democratic National Convention (DNC) released on WikiLeaks last Friday that Ariana Grande was not allowed to perform at the event, her team says that she declined to be part of it because of a conflict on her busy schedule.

One of the emails released last week on WikiLeaks showed that there were explicit instructions not to invite the “Dangerous Woman” songstress to perform at the White House because she licked donuts, put them back on the tray, and yelled she hates Americans. All these were caught on tape and the singer faced backlash over the inappropriate behavior.

DNC Finance Chair Zachary Allen then asked his staffers via email to considered Grande for a Met gala performance. The email from Allen reads: “Can we also vet Arianna Grande?” One of the staffers replied, " Ariana Butera-video caught her licking other peoples' donuts while saying she hates America; Republican Congressman used this video and said it was a double standard that liberals were not upset with her like they are with Trump who criticized Mexicans; cursed out a person on Twitter after that person used an offensive word towards her brother."

White House employee Bobby Schmuck also declined Grande being invited in response to Allen’s question by saying, “Nope. Sorry.” Also, it was noted that Grande took to YouTube to apologize about the mater.

However, a rep for Grande said in a statement that Grande was offered to perform at the closing ceremony at the DNC in Philadelphia but she declined due to the conflict in her schedule.