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Ariel Winter supports Kim Kardashian, says reality star promotes body positivity

25 March 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Ariel Winter, who recently appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres” show to talk about her emancipation as well as her relationship with her estranged mother, also said she supports reality star Kim Kardashian for having a positive outlook on her body.

Kardashian has faced a slew of criticism for her latest nude photo, which was taken when she was not yet pregnant with her second baby, Saint West. People in the showbiz industry such as Chloe Grace Moretz , Piers Morgan, and Bette Midler ganged up on Kardashian for her post earlier this month.

However, aside from Amber Rose, who fully supports the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star for posting such photo, Winter has also expressed her thoughts on the nude selfie saying that the mother of two actually promotes body positivity.

The “Modern Family” actress tweeted amid the backlash: "No one was body shaming @justinbieber when he posted his nude guitar photo so why @kimkardashian ? # herbodyherchoice ." Kardashian reportedly sent Winter flowers as a form of appreciation for standing up for her.

In Winter’s latest interview with the “Kyle and Jackie O Show” on Wednesday, the actress again talked about Kardashian . She shared, "I think she's promoting body positivity. You know, young girls being able to express that they don't have a stick-thin body—they're curvy. And stick-thin bodies are amazing, you know, those girls are amazing too but I think that everybody's body would be celebrated no matter what it is and I think that it's great that she's so comfortable with herself and that she's able to post out there what she wants to post and if she wants to post a nude selfie , she can."

The actress continued to say that she cannot understand why guys can pose nude and they post about it but people don’t really care that much. However, when a woman does the same thing, she is crucified.

Winter added, "We're not able to do the exact same thing and I think it's really upsetting to be in an industry where that's happening, so I really decided to stand up for her because I thought it was so ridiculous."

Winter has also been body shamed in the past regarding her breasts making her look older that she actually is. She had a breast reduction as she thought that her breast size before was affecting how people see her pointing out that they no longer see her talent but only her physical attributes.