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Ashley Greene seemingly throws shade against Joe Jonas over virginity story

14 October 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Singer Joe Jonas recently gave away too much information in his recent Reddit AMA and one of the questions was about his virginity wherein he implied that he lost it to Ashley Greene.

Jonas talked about many things related to sexual topics and when asked about the night he lost his virginity, he shared, “I lost my virginity to this girl named Ashley. You can probably just Google it. It's pretty easy to figure out. I dated a girl named Ashley, so just Google it to figure out which Ashley that is.”

The former boyfriend of Gigi Hadid did not stop there and gave more information about that night. He noted that it is quite a great story because during that time, he did not have any condoms with him so he went to their drummer’s room, Jack, who was his roommate during that time. He noted that he found the condoms underneath his underwear drawer. He added, “When he came home, he thought somebody broke into his room because his whole room was demolished because I was in dire need. Needed to happen then and now. Safety first, kids.”

Greene seemingly did not find his answer funny as she took to Instagram to post a photo with the words that read: “Class is timeless.” Many followers commented that Jonas was wrong for saying such while his fans defended him by placing cake emojis in the comments section. Cake is in reference to his band’s, DNCE , firs hit song entitled “Cake By the Ocean.”

The two went public in 2010 but called it quits a year later. Jonas said in a former interview that Greene was his first ever serious relationship and that he was single for two to three years after their split. Greene, on the other hand, has been linked to Australian TV personality Paul Khoury .

Jonas is yet to comment on Greene’s supposed shade.