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  • Ashton Kutcher gave emotional, moving speech before Senate Foreign Relations Committee over sex slavery, child abuse

Ashton Kutcher gave emotional, moving speech before Senate Foreign Relations Committee over sex slavery, child abuse

16 February 2017 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Washington, DC, United States (4E) – Actor Ashton Kutcher spoke against sex slavery and child abuse as he gave an emotional and moving speech before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday.

The father-of-two said his day job is being the chairman and the co-founder of Thorn. This is a company that built a software to fight human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. The comedian also said his other day job is being a father of two kids, one who is two years old and the other who is a two-month-old. The 39-year-old is the husband of actress Mila Kunis .

He went on to talk about raids conducted by the FBI in India, Mexico, Russia and even in the United States specifically in New Jersey and New York. Kutcher said he saw things during those raids that no person should ever see as well as videos showing children the same age as his kids being raped by an American man who was a sex tourist in Cambodia.

Kutcher also shared, “I’ve been on the other end of a phone call from my team asking for my help because we had received a call from the Department of Homeland Security, telling us that a 7-year-old girl was being sexually abused and that content was being spread on the Dark Web … They’d watched her for three years and they could not find the perpetrator, [and were] asking us for help. We were the last line of defense. An actor and his foundation were the last line of defense.” However, Kutcher said he did not say yes to offering his help to find the abused girl and said he would be saying yes this time if he got the same call now.

He also revealed this tool called Spotlight, which helped a 15-year-old girl from Oakland, California be returned home three days after she met with a man she met online who forced her into trafficking. Kutcher said their tool and software decreased the number of trafficking victims as they are aiding police departments with these.

Committee Chairman Sen. Bob Corker took to Twitter to say that the work of Kutcher is inspirational and “a true testament to entrepreneurialism and people taking a risk toward social good.”

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