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Ashton Kutcher shares story about being homeless after divorce from Demi Moore

24 November 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Ashton Kutcher recently talked about his divorce from Demi Moore in an event for Airbnb and it was the first time he went into detail about what happened to him after the split.

Kutcher was at the 2016 Airbnb Open 2016 over the weekend and the 38-year-old actor said that he was basically homeless after he and Moore decided to divorce. He noted that he lived in Airbnbs for a year following the split from the 54-year-old actress. Kutcher added, "Right after I got divorced… I didn't have a house. So I just started living in Airbnbs ."

Kutcher is an early investor in Airbnb and said that the divorce from Moore as well as an event from a particular Airbnb he stayed at gave him hope after the break-up. He recalled that after the split, he went to Europe. He flew there and arrived in the middle of the night. When he arrived at the Airbnb at around 2 A.M., someone left him dinner and a glass of wine.

The husband of Mila Kunis now said that it was the magic and the love that he needed during that time. He said he was shocked that someone would be that kind and care about a stranger.

Kutcher and Moore called it quits in 2011 after being married for six years. The divorce was finalized only in 2013. He and Kunis subsequently became an item, welcomed their first child, got married, and are now set to welcome their second baby.

Kutcher’s homeless days is now over as he is happily married to his former “That ‘70s Show” co-star and that they are expecting a baby boy. During an appearance on “Conan,” Kutcher said that he loves University of Iowa’s football and wanted to name his son after them.

The actor revealed, however, that the name did not pass Kunis’ standards. He shared, "It didn't cross the Mila threshold. It came to the threshold, but then it got knocked down."

It is unclear when Kunis will be giving birth to their second child.

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