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Bethenny Frankel talks post-divorce party, health scare

6 April 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

New York City, NY, United States (4E) – Bethenny Frankel separated from her husband Jason Hoppy back in 2012 after nearly three years of marriage and the divorce is almost finalized as per reports as she shared that she would have a post-divorce party once all is said and done.

The exes have reached a custody agreement over their five-year-old daughter Bryn Hoppy back in 2014 but their property division negotiations are still ongoing. Just recently, Frankel was no longer ordered to pay Jason his spousal support, which she gives to him on a monthly basis.

The Bravo star was recently interviewed by E! in New York City on Tuesday and she shared, “I think things are coming to a head. I feel like the end is near. I mean, again, this has been a very big surprise and I never would have expected that this would have gone one tenth of how far it's gone, but I feel good about it.”

The “Real Housewives of New York” star also talked about her daughter being the most amazing gift in the world but could not help but reveal that the divorce has taken a toll on her emotional wellbeing. She shared that she feels like she has survived something especially because she is a single working mom. She added, "The weight is coming off of me, and you can't fake it and you can't pretend you're happy. When it sucks it sucks, and it's starting to not suck as much."

When asked about the celebration she will throw once the divorce proceedings are over, the 45-year-old shared she will not have a nice dinner instead, she will be “funneling Skinnygirl down my best friends' throats and my assistants are gonna be naked. We're gonna be hanging from chandeliers in Times Square: body paint, tassels on my titties , coming out of cakes, fireworks, strippers, young men, making out with strangers, one night stands, five night stands. Yeah, I think maybe I might have a celebration.”

In another interview, Frankel has denied the reports that she has cancer. She said that she has different “female issues going on at the same time” and she is dealing with them now.