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Beyonce, Jay Z not wearing their wedding rings

29 April 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Miami, FL, United States (4E) – The Beyhive continues to be confused as new photos have surfaced showing that Beyonce and Jay Z are no longer wearing their wedding rings days after the “Lemonade” album was released.

This also comes at the same time that Beyonce dedicated the song “Halo” to her husband during the first night of her Formation World Tour on Wednesday. As per the photos backstage, Beyonce was seen not wearing her $5 million diamond ring. Some are saying that it is to take extra precaution as she will be performing while others are saying that the timing is coincidental in relation to the cheating rumors after the “Lemonade” album’s release.

Jay Z also was spotted not wearing his ring. He was photographed chatting with DJ Khaled during the concert and no ring was present on his finger. The two, however, have matching tattoos on their ring fingers which says “IV.” The couple got the matching ink to symbolize their wedding date of April 4, 2008. It also symbolizes the fact that both of their birthdays fall on the fourth as Beyonce was born on September 4 while Jay Z was born on December 4.

However, another issue have surfaced saying that Beyonce was in the process of removing the tattoo. She posted back in 2014 that she had a band aid over the tattoo and fans are saying that the ink appears to be fading more and more as time passes by.

Also, in one of her latest songs entitled “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” it was seen in the HBO visual album that Beyonce ripped off her diamond ring and throws it. She does this as she sings the lines: "If you try this shit again, you gon ' lose your wife."

Despite all the reports, Beyonce said during her performance of “Halo”: "I want to dedicate this song to my beautiful husband. I love you so much."

The two are yet to comment on the reports about them not wearing their wedding rings.