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‘Bones’ Profit Participation Lawsuit could be transferred to arbitration

5 April 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – A judge says that some of the claims of the cast from the series “Bones” may belong in arbitration but FOX might have to wait for one more month before their request for arbitration will be granted.

The decision regarding the shifting of the multi-million dollars profit participation lawsuits to arbitration has been pushed by a judge to May 4. During the hearing on Monday regarding the matter, lawyers for the FOX defendants and the plaintiffs of the case, “Bones” executive producers Barry Josephson and Kathleen Reichs as well as stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreaneaz have argued over the case despite the show preparing for its 12th and final season.

The judge handling the case, Richard Ricco , made no preliminary ruling and said that due to some parts of the agreement between the defendants and plaintiffs being encompassed by the arbitration clause, both parties will have to expand and re-argue their points about the matter. Judge Ricco did not say what are the matters that will go to arbitration and which will stay before him.

The decision of Judge Ricco comes almost five months after Josephson filed the lawsuit in November 25 last year. This also comes three months after FOX requested that the negotiations be behind closed doors and into arbitration.

Josephson said in his lawsuit that the “unrelenting and underreporting” 20th Century Fox Corporation, Fox Broadcasting Company, and Fox Entertainment Group did not pay him millions of money over the course of the run of “Bones.”

He has cited breach of contract adding that the company systematically deprived him of compensation “to which he is contractually entitled.” The other plaintiffs also claimed that they were “cheated out of more than $100 million in gross revenues and being overcharged many additional millions of dollars in alleged expenses.”

Fox said that the complaint of Josephson is an attempt to attract headlines and extract millions in undue compensation.