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Britney Spears still under conservatorship, ex David Lucado opines on matter

5 May 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Eight years after Britney Spears had a very public meltdown, the singer is still under conservatorship of her father but her ex-boyfriend David Lucado thinks that she no longer needs to be controlled as well as her finances.

Back in January 30, 2008, Spears was put into an ambulance and was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center after acting stranger for days such as reckless driving and speaking in a British accent. This was the second time during that year that she was taken to a hospital for emergency psychiatric evaluation. Videos of her shaving her own head and attacking paparazzi with an umbrella also made matters worse.

On February 1, 2008, a legal judgment was imposed regarding her conservatorship . While she was in the hospital, her father, Jamie, was granted temporary conservatorship . Meaning, he controls her treatment, visitors, security, and overall her daily life.

Spears started to perform daily at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. She will also be releasing a new album, which is her first since May of 2013. However, due to being under the conservatorship of her father, many are saying that she is not in control of her life and career. As per the conservatorship , she is not allowed to make decisions about her personal life or finances without the approval of her conservators: her father and their lawyer, Andrew M. Wallet.

According to new reports, her purchases such as buying a car or a simple Starbucks drink, are tracked in court. They say that this is a way to safeguard her fortune.

The news about her conservatorship comes after Spears med with her former manager Sam Lufti . The two met for a deposition regarding a case filed against her by Lufti . Lufti is accused of almost ruining her career and her life as he reportedly gave her drugs.

A court-appointed lawyer, Samuel D. Ingham III, will most likely be the one to decide if her conservatorship will be lifted. The status and progress of Spears will be measured by a court investigator, who files a report once annually.

As for Lucado’s belief that his ex-girlfriend no longer needs conservatorship , he said in a statement, "If anyone knew the real Britney, they would know that she would rather be remembered for being the great mother she is rather than the artist she is. And if anyone could see her interactions with her kids, they would know that there is no need for a conservatorship over Britney's personal life."

Spears is yet to comment on these reports.