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Brittany Fogarty banned from Big Ang’s funeral

23 February 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

New York, NY, United States (4E) – “Mob Wives” Angela “Big Ang” Raiola was laid to rest this weekend and her co-stars attended the memorial services but two of her fellow stars, Brittany Fogarty and Karen Gravano , were banned from attending the visitation.

According to an interview with Fogarty , she and her mother were not allowed at the services and it had something to do with the family of the late actress. Fogarty shared, "I think that it’s unfortunate that I couldn’t be at any of Ang's services this weekend, and that I couldn’t say bye to her in that way. The last thing that I would want is to go there and cause a scene. This is about celebrating Ang’s life and the fact that her family has to say bye to such a beautiful person and I want to respect that."

Both Fogarty and Gravano were reportedly banned due to their past actions. The mother of Fogarty , Andrea Gioviono , said in a statement that more than 20 years ago, her husband, John Fogarty , revealed the identities of his fellow mobsters while being interviewed by the federal agents due to a murder case.

Fogarty said that she was called up by a mutual friend of her and Ang’s and that she was not allowed at the service because of what her father did. She shared that she was actually on her way and she had to pull over because she started crying due to being upset with being banned.

Fogarty added, “Ang never judged me for the actions of my father. The fact that he cooperated with police never influenced her opinion of me, and I loved her for that.” However, she did say that she understand the family but she does not think that it is right for them to punish her for something she was not part of. She added, “I don’t think that’s what Ang would have wanted, but that’s how it is. I’m going to have to say bye to her on my own time, I’m going to visit the cemetery this week and go pay my respects and say goodbye to Ang in that way.”

Raiola lost her battle to stage 4 lung and brain cancer. She died at the age of 55 in an NYC hospital last February 18.