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Casey Affleck talks Oscar win, defends self again against sexual abuse allegations

1 March 2017 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Casey Affleck once again defended himself against the sexual abuse allegations surrounding him as he talked about his Oscar win days after the event.

On Sunday evening, a lot of people took to Twitter to contest Affleck should not have won the Best Actor Award for his performance on “Manchester by the Sea” because of the sexual harassment allegations. In an interview with Boston Globe, Affleck said, "I believe that any kind of mistreatment of anyone for any reason is unacceptable and abhorrent, and everyone deserves to be treated with respect in the workplace and anywhere else. There's really nothing I can do about it. Other than live my life the way I know I live it and to speak to what my own values are and how I try to live by them all the time."

Two women filed sexual harassment claims against him back in 2010 after claiming the actor made unwanted sexual advances towards them and made sexual remarks. These two women worked with him on the film “I’m Still Here.” Eventually, the lawsuit was settled out of court.

He also explained during his latest interview that his side or the side of the two women could not comment on the matter as part of the agreement. He then slammed those who are condemning him online that they do not know anything about what really happened.

Casey is the brother of Ben Affleck and it is undeniable he has not been in as many blockbuster movies as his brother has been in. However, Casey shared in his recent interview he chooses parts he has interest in and he likes roles that were challenging and scary.

This was not the first time Casey talked about the sexual harassment issue as he denied about them in the past years.

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