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Chris Darden reveals on ‘The View’ that O.J. Simpson confessed to murder during trial

24 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Chris Darden appeared on the Thursday episode of “The View” and the prosecutor said that O.J. Simpson confessed to murdering his wife during the famed trial.

Darden is also the author of the recently released book “In Contempt” and was a prosecutor in the Simpson trial. Darden told the co-hosts that he heard Simpson confess to murder during the infamous 1994 trial. Darden and his team reportedly heard Simpson making the admission to Rosey Grier .

The comments of Darden come after the “American Crime Story: People v. O.J. Simpson.” Darden was played by Sterling K. Brown in the series.

Darden shared, "I think the he's probably confessed it—whether he was awake or in his dreams—probably a million times since 1994. I think he confessed it. I think he confessed it during the trial, and I think he confessed it in the L.A. County Jail, but we weren't allowed access to the conversation or the content of the confession."

The comments of Darden also came weeks after one of the friends of Simpson said he believed the former football star would come forward and admit that he murdered Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

Simpson was found innocent by the court and one of the biggest evidence was the pair of gloves found at the scene. Darden continued to say that he let Simpson put the gloves on as those are his gloves and that there are photos showing the former football star wearing the same pair of gloves. He added, “His blood is in those gloves. The blood of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown are in those gloves. They're his gloves. The gloves fit him the same way they always did.”

Darden also said that he thought Simpson is a great actor as when he was asked to try on the gloves, Darden felt like Simpson acted out like he was struggling to put on the pair of gloves.

Darden added, “I’ve heard so many theories of the swelling…I’ve heard so many excuses and reasons for it. I gotta tell you, maybe I’m in denial…but when I look, the gloves fit.”