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David Schwimmer talks to Kris Jenner for his role as Robert Kardashian in ‘American Crime Story’

21 January 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – David Schwimmer and Kris Jenner reportedly had a long discussion as the “Friends” alum was to play the role of Robert Kardashian for “American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson.”

The 49-year-old spoke to the ex-wife of Kardashian , 60-year-old Jenner , over the phone and they had a “touching conversation” to help the latter understand what the show was about. Kardashian was the friend and defense attorney for Simpson for his case and Schwimmer reportedly wanted to get everything right about the former husband of Jenner .

Jenner spoke in a recent interview and she shared, “[David] more or less wanted to know about Robert as a person and was really interested in that, which I really appreciated.” She added that she spent hours talking to Schwimmer on the phone.

Jenner also said that Kardashian was one of the biggest fans of Schwimmer when he was still doing “Friends.” She added, “Back in the day – he watched it religiously. So it was kind of, you know, wild that he is playing Robert.”

As for Scwhimmer , he said during the TCA Press Winter Tour that he was not interested to meet the Kardashian-Jenner clan as he was much more interested about their father. He said, "I wasn't really interested or curious about talking to the kids because they were so young at the time. I was more interested in finding my way into Robert as a character, and who he was as a husband and as a father and as a man."

When asked about how Jenner helped him, he admitted that the momager was very generous especially with her time. He added that Jenner was able to reveal that behind the infamous case, Kardashian was a man of faith and was very loyal and considerate. He added, “He was a very humble, very private person. Not at all seeking the limelight, that was inadvertent.”