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‘Days of Our Lives’ might see Alison Sweeney coming back as Sami Brady

6 October 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – It is rumored that Alison Sweeney will be returning as Sami Brady in “Days of Our Lives” after it was announced that Vanessa Williams will be joining the soap as Dr. Valerie Grant.

The fan favorite character, Sami Brady, came into the mind of the fans after it was teased that there will be a character coming back to “Days of Our Lives.” The character is reportedly making his or her way home for a very special occasion. Although the character will be coming back to “Days of Our Lives,” she or he will only be appearing for a short period of time due to the special event.

The character teased was not revealed but fans of “Days of Our Lives” are reportedly going to be very happy once they see him or her. Many have speculated that it will be Sami Brady because the announcement was very timely since more members of the Brady family are on their way back to Salem.

It was confirmed just recently that Carrie Brady and her husband, Austin Reed, will be coming back to Salem on “Days of Our Lives.” The twin brother of Sami, Eric, will also be on his way back although he is currently in prison on “Days of Our Lives.” Eric is behind bars for driving drunk and causing the accident that killed Dr. Daniel Jonas.

Sami left “Days of Our Lives” after her husband was killed. She and her children headed to California and left Salem. Sami was last seen on “Days of Our Lives” last fall after she returned to Salem to attend the funeral of her oldest child, Will Horton. During her time in Salem, she was able to receive a message that EJ wrote to her before he died. In the letter, there was a message for Sami that instructs her on how she will be taking down the DiMera family.

Sami then got all of the money of the DiMera family and believes that her husband is alive. It is unclear if this will be shown in the upcoming episodes of “Days of Our Lives.” If and when Sami will be coming back, she might also be attending the wedding of her mother, Marlena Evans, and John Black.

As for Williams joining “Days of Our Lives,” it was reported that Dr. Valerie Grant will be coming back to Salem to attend to an old friend, Abe Carver.

Williams is now on CW’s “The Flash” and “The Secret She Kept” of TV One. Williams will first appear on “Days of Our Lives” in the October 25 episode.