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‘Days of Our Lives’ rumored to be cancelled due to low ratings

19 July 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – “Days of Our Lives” is reportedly suffering from low ratings so NBC might be cancelling it but many are saying that a reboot will take place in an effort to pull the ratings up.

The NBC show underwent a major reboot last year and it is reportedly going to have another reboot again this year. Last year on “Days of Our Lives,” fans so many characters were killed off. It remains unclear if the same would take place in the planned reboot of the soap.

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers indicated that there will be major changes by August after the Olympics. The details about these are still sealed but it is possible that many characters will also be killed off.

As for the latest spoilers about the show, Shawn will be dealing with the aftermath of the explosion this week on “Days of Our Lives” as many are still wondering whether or not Rafe and Hope are still alive. The soap opera is reportedly also experiencing low ratings that is why many are speculating that it might be cancelled .

Shawn got to the address his mother told him to go to together with a bomb squad but when they have arrived, the house has exploded. Rafe had a bomb tied to him after Andre went to seek revenge for Stefano’s death. It was seen in the previous episodes of “Days of Our Lives” that Rafe was chained to a wall and a bomb was ticking nearby. Hope tried to rescue him after knowing about Rafe’s whereabouts from Aiden.

Last week on “Days of Our Lives,” Hope realized that she had to get Rafe out. In the latest episode, it was seen that Rafe and Hope were still in the basement of the home when the bomb went off. Accordingly, the two will manage to escape and be alive but they will be trapped under the rubble.

It remains unclear however if Rafe and Hope will still be found alive in the new episodes of “Days of Our Lives.” They could die from their injuries or it might be too late for the bomb squad to find them.

“Days of Our Lives” will be celebrating its 51st anniversary this fall. It airs Mondays through Friday at 1 P.M. on NBC.