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Details, first photos for live-action “Beauty and the Beast” released

3 November 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – Entertainment Weekly’s latest edition covers the new Disney live-version flick “Beauty and The Beast” and first photos from the set were featured as well as some inside scoop on what fans are to expect.

Disney’s live-action “Beauty and the Beast” stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. In the cover photo of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, Watson was seen wearing the signature yellow gown of Belle while Stevens was also seen wearing the blue coat of the prince in the original Disney movie.

However, what was evident was that Belle in the live-action “Beauty and The Beast” flick was not wearing her white long gloves. The image for the cover photo shows Belle and Beast dancing at the ballroom of his mansion.

There was no explanation yet about why Belle was not wearing gloves in “Beauty and The Beast” live-action version but costume designer Jacqueline Durran talked about the dress of Belle. She noted that there is a cage underneath the dress but more of it is organza because Watson pointed out that she wanted the dress to be light for easy movement.

The “Harry Potter” alumna reportedly said that she believes Belle is an active princess and she did not want to be restricted with her dress. The wardrobe of Belle in the live-action movie of “Beauty and the Beast” is said to be more modern than the original Disney movie.

It was also reported that composers Alan Menken and Tom Rice wrote the new music for the live-action version of the Disney movie “Beauty And The Beast.” A new song set to be heard in the new “Beauty and The Beast” movie is entitled “For Evermore.”

Gaston and Le Fou were revealed in the photos released earlier and in the newly released photos for the live action “Beauty And The Beast,” the other characters such as Lumiere and Cogsworth were featured.

The other characters to be seen in the live-action version of “Beauty And The Beast” are Maurice, Monsieur D’Arque , Agathe the Enchantress, the King, and the Queen.

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