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Drake ready to settle down with Rihanna, she gets new tattoo in honor of rapper

2 September 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angels, CA, United States (4E) – Drake is reportedly willing to give up his playboy lifestyle as he really wants to settle down with Rihanna and spend the rest of his life with the “Work” songstress.

This new report comes after Rihanna and Drake seemingly made their relationship status official as they kissed each other at the MTV Video Music Awards over the weekend. An insider shared that Drake has had his fun with his past playboy lifestyle but now that he is almost 30, he is looking to settle down with Rihanna, whom he considers as the most beautiful woman.

The source added, “He wants Rihanna to be his last girlfriend. He is still going to be the fun person he is, but his hopes are that Rihanna is along for the ride and will not contribute any drama to the good thing they have. So far, things are working out.”

Accordingly, Rihanna thought that when Drake reportedly got down on one knee, he was proposing to her. She was getting emotional but cried even more when she realized that Drake was not proposing but actually giving her so much more, a commitment.

Aside from that, new reports are saying that Rihanna got a tattoo in honor of Drake. Rihanna reportedly got inked on Wednesday evening after Drake’s concert in Miami. The new tattoo is said to be a little shark and it was tattooed on her ankle.

Reportedly, the shark tattoo symbolizes the rapper and the singer’s aquarium date night earlier this month. During that night, Drake also reportedly got her a shark doll. Rumors said that Rihanna got the tattoo from tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang McCurdy.”

The two are yet to comment on these reports.