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Emma Stone talks experience filming “La La Land” and why she thinks people need to watch her new flick

9 December 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – “La La Land” has been getting praises for the past months and actress Emma Stone talked about how it was making the musical and why the world needs to see a movie like this.

“La La Land” sort of depicts her old self as the character in the movie, Mia, as she had to undergo a lot of bad auditions before getting a break. Stone told the publication that it was cathartic and interesting to play the part of Mia and noted that she would not change a thing in the past. When asked what her advice would be to her younger self, the actress said that she is not sure what she would tell herself because she feels happy to be where she is now and believed that things have unfolded the way they should have.

“La La Land” first premiered at the Telluride Film Festival last September and the buzz for the flick has been great. Stone has also been going to interviews and events to promote the flick.

As for why the world needs to see “La La Land,” Stone was interviewed by Time and talked about what her thoughts were when audiences have responded positively towards the musical film. She said, “I think it’s just nice to see something that’s original and has joy in this way.” The actress added that “La La Land” is a two-hour escape but it reminds people of hope, importance, creativity, and dreaming even if all is lost.

Stone hoped that “La La Land” will be making viewers remind them of a deeper part of themselves once again. She says that people should remember that they can create new things all the time and she hopes that they can make things that are new and inspired the way that Damien Chazelle , the director of the movie, and the rest of the crew made “La La Land.”

“La La Land” will be out in more theaters this December 16. Select theaters have screened the movie earlier.

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