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Emmy Rossum reveals she received anti-Semitic messages on Twitter from Donald Trump supporters

17 November 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Actress Emmy Rossum revealed in a recent series of tweets that she has received threatening and anti-Semitic messages on Twitter from the supporters of president-elect Donald Trump.

The “Shameless” star is a Hillary Clinton supporter and she lamented the loss of her candidate to the GOP nominee last week. She then took to Twitter to talk about the harassment she has been receiving. She first wrote, “Trump supporters are sending me messages threatening to send me & my "ilk" to the gas chambers & writing hashtags like "# sieg hiel ". NOT OK.” She also said that some Trump supporters told her to get ready for the trains in reference to WWII and she regarded these messages as both disgusting and offensive.

Many believe that she was making things up and she wrote in another tweet later that she would never make something up and named one of the Twitter accounts who sent her messages Rossum wrote: “This is 1 individual who targeted me. He since deleted the awful train pic . Why not check out the rest of his posts/likes @SpotEnemyBoats.”

Rossum continued to say that no matter who people vote for, she does not car because the harassment is not okay. She also said that the tweets and threats do not scare her but she finds it sad that such “kind of vicious underbelly was there all along.”

Many celebrities have been taking to social media via tweets, messages of hopes, open letters, and even a protest outside a Trump Tower to express that they are not happy about Trump’s victory. Jennifer Lawrence recently wrote an open letter and encouraged the people to make changes in their own little ways and let Trump’s victory enrage them. Lady Gaga went outside a Trump Tower the day after the elections and was holding a poster saying “Love Trump Hates.”

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