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Famed fan Steve Bartman absent as Chicago celebrates Cubs’ World Series win

4 November 2016 Entertainment News

Fitzgerald Cecilio – 4E Sports Reporter

Chicago, IL, United States (4E Sports) – Around 5 million fans packed the streets to celebrate Chicago Cubs’ World Series win during Friday’s parade but the infamous Steve Bartman was not among them.

While he was overjoyed with the Cubs’ win that ended a 108-year World Series drought, Bartman’s lawyer, Frank Murtha , earlier said his client will not make an appearance at the victory parade.

"He was just overjoyed that the Cubs won, as all the Cubs fans are," Murtha said.

"We don't intend to crash the parade. The one thing that Steve and I did talk about was if the Cubs were to win, he did not want to be a distraction to the accomplishments of the players and the organization,” he added.

Bartman was vilified in Chicago for a failed attempt to catch a foul ball during Game 6 of the 2003 National League Championship Series between the Cubs and Florida Marlins, a game the Cubs went on to lose.

Bartman still lives and works in the Chicago area, according to Murtha .

Meanwhile, Chicagoans packed the streets and rooftops around Wrigley Field and all the way to downtown to celebrate the Cubs’ victory.

Chairman Tom Ricketts headed a convoy of buses flying the Cubs Win Flag as they made their way down from Wrigley to Hutchinson Field in Grant Park.

"I've said for seven years, I have the most unique job in the world because almost every single day, a complete stranger comes up to me and they always say the same thing. They say: 'Mr. Ricketts , I'm 71 years old. Please win the World Series before I die,'" Ricketts said.

"Well, for the thousands of people who have said that to me, and are still with us: There you go," he added.

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