former “19 Kids and Counting star, Michelle Duggar celebrates 50th birthday

20 September 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Tontitown, AK, United States (4E) – Michelle Duggar recently celebrated her birthday and her daughters, Jess and Jill, greeted her on social media.

The two daughters of Michelle, who are the stars of the new TLC show “Jill and Jessa : Counting On,” took to their social media accounts to greet their mother, Michelle Duggar , for her special day. However, Jill’s blog post for her birthday greeting for her mom has garnered attention as it was emotional and heartfelt.

Jessa , who is expecting her second baby, wrote on her blog that their mother Michelle is such an example to all of the young moms and she aspires to be like the wife of Jim Bob. Jessa added that Michelle is not only her mother but also one of her best friends.

The former “19 Kids and Counting” reality star also said on her blog post that she appreciates her mother’s sweet and gracious spirit as she always knows when is the right time to comfort her children and when they need her. Jessa also revealed that their home is always a happy family because their mother has such a joyful attitude.

Aside from praising her mother, Jessa said that seeing the love between her mom and her father, it made them dream about their future prince who will sweep them off of their feet one day. She added, “You made sure we knew we could call you anytime about anything (and you still do!) and would stay up super late lending a listening ear to anything that might be on our hearts.”

As for Jill, she took to Instagram to say that she admires Michelle’s strength and that the most amazing thing about the mother of 19 kids is the spirit of God found in her. The Duggar family is known for their strong faith aside from being reality stars. Jill said that Jesus shines through her mother and it is the most attractive thing about her mother.

Jill also said that she is thankful and could not ask for a better mom noting that she now has a baby and she understands more how blessed she is to have Michelle as a mother.

Michelle is now 50 years old. She recently took care of an eight-year-old boy, making him the 20th child of the Duggar family. The boy is said to be the son of Michelle’s niece. Her niece is reportedly homeless and unemployed that is why temporary guardianship over the eight-year-old girl was granted to Michelle.