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Former ‘Bachelor’ contestant Lex McAllister dies of apparent suicide

17 February 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Columbus, OH, United States (4E) – Lex McAllister, a former “The Bachelor” contestant has died of apparent suicide, according to reports.

Accordingly, the blonde bombshell overdoses on prescription pills on February 13. She passed away three days later and was only 31 years old. She was found unconscious on February 13 and was taken to the hospital. She was reportedly to be in stable condition after but her organs started shutting down, then she was announced to be brain dead. The family then decided to withdraw her life support on February 16.

McAllister was a contestant on Jake Pavelka’s season, the 14th season. She was cut on the first episode of the season. She also made headlines when she defended Vienna Girardi , the woman that Pavelka chose at the end of the season. The defense came when reports surfaced saying that Girardi and Pavelka broke up.

She reportedly suffered from bipolar disorder and depression that led to her suicidal tendencies. After being eliminated from the show, McAllister worked in a financial planning company.

McAllister is not the first contestant to have taken her life from “Season 14.” Gia Allemand also took her own life back in 2013 by hanging herself. Pavelka commented on Allemand’s death in the past saying that he was in complete shock and is devastated. He has not yet commented on McAllister’s death.

McAllister’s family were the ones who told reporters that they think McAllister took her own life but they have not issued an official statement regarding her death. There are no details available yet as to when the funeral is and where the wake is.