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Former ‘The Bachelor’ contestant Erin Storm dead in a plane crash

23 March 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – “The Bachelor” former contestant Erin Storm died in a plane crash on March 22, police officials have confirmed.

Storm competed on Matt Grant’s Season, the 12th season of the franchise. According to reports, Storm was a pilot for Pacific Blue Air, a training facility that is based at the Hawthorne Airport. She was said to be flying an Airborne XT-912 light-sport weight-shift control plane. Officials are saying that the something when wrong causing the plane to crash abruptly. Storm was pronounced dead at the hospital.

An eyewitness identified as Byron Mayes , 18, said in a statement that his partner started yelling “Watch out, there’s a plane coming!” He noted that it looked like the plane veered up and lost control.

He added, “As soon as the plane hit the curb, it blew up. And the flames just kept getting bigger and bigger. We pulled her out of the plane before we even got to the fire extinguisher. Her legs were on fire. That’s when my partner ran in and pulled her out. We checked her pulse, and sadly to say there was no pulse at first. But the paramedics were doing as best as they could to keep her breathing. However she was transported to a trauma center and was pronounced dead.

Storm was known as Erin S. during the season of Grant and her job at that time was a hot dog vendor. As per her Facebook posts, she began working at Pacific Blue Air a few years ago, flying her first solo flight in November 2015. Storm was eliminated during week 3 of “The Bachelor” season 12.

The death of Storm comes a month after fellow “The Bachelor” contestant Lex McAllister died from apparent suicide.