‘Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner talks her rebirth and fear of getting killed off

22 April 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – “Game of Thrones” will be returning this Sunday and one of the biggest storylines is Sansa Stark’s big rebirth.

According to reports, Sophie Turner’s Sansa Stark ran away from her abusive husband Ramsay, played by Iwan Rheon . She also went with Theon , played by Alfie Allen, in the season five finale. As per the latest teaser, the storyline for Sansa Stark will be much more exciting but fans are not so thrilled about the thought of what will Ramsay do in order to find his missing wife.

A source shared, "He needs her to consolidate his position in the North by producing an heir, so losing her is a major political blow for him. He needs to get her back."

Turner also recently talked about her fears of being killed off in the series. She said that whenever scripts are given out to them, she fears for her fate. The actress shared, "Oh my God, I'm so terrified. It's crazy. Almost every day we're on set we're like, ‘Who do you think is gonna go next?’ It's almost like living in the Blair Witch project."

She also talked about people drinking whenever a characters is axed. She revealed, “There's always a lot of drinks at the bar. But by now we're so used to it. We used to have big things when other people died. But there's so many people who die now, we're like, ‘Can't really afford it, man. We've been out every night.’”

The actress then talked about not being able to hold a sword as her weapon. She revealed that it will never happen in the show as her weapon is her mind and her intellect.

“Game of Thrones” returns Sunday, April 24 on HBO.