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Gavin Rossdale, Mindy Mann spotted having lunch together after cheating scandal

26 February 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – After reports have surfaced saying that the real reason behind Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s divorce was their nanny Mindy Mann, the caregiver of their children and Rossdale was spotted on a date.

According to reports, the 50-year-old is still in contact with their former nanny, who allegedly he had an affair with while still married to Stefani. Mann and Rossdale were said to be seen having lunch together at a North Hollywood gastropub and he was reportedly even “eating off of her plate.”

An eyewitness said that Mann and Rossdale arrived together at the pub around midday and stayed there for more than an hour. They were also seen leaving the area together.

As per the photos captured by paparazzi, Mann dyed her hair red and was sitting across Rossdale . The insider said, “They definitely acted like a couple. They were eating off each other’s plates, leaning in, and laughing… It seemed like they were trying to stay under the radar, because this place is off the beaten path, but they arrived and left together.”

Mann, who is Australian, took care of the couple’s three children, Kingston, 9, Zuma , 6, and Apollo, 2.

Accordingly, Mann and Rossdale have been cheating on Stefani for three years and it was exposed only after the “Used To Love You” singer found the text messages between the two. The text messages reportedly popped up on their children’s iPad. Originally, Rossdale denied the allegations but eventually said that his conversations with Mann was more of “flirtation” than infidelity. This reportedly was the main reason why Stefani decided to end their 13-year marriage.

The recent outing of Rossdale and Mann is not the first time. Back in December, Rossdale’s SUV was photographed parked outside the Sherman Oaks daycare center of Mann. Weeks later, reports surfaced that Mann was re-hired by Rossdale to take care of his three kids if it is his turn to have them over.

The people involved in these reports are yet to comment.