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Gavin Rossdale takes kids on an Easter egg hunt, still wears wedding ring

15 March 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Gavin Rossdale has taken his and Gwen Stefani’s children to an Easter egg hunt over the weekend and he was spotted still wearing his wedding ring.

According to reports, Rossdale took their sons, nine-year-old Kingston, seven-year-old Zuma , and two-year-old Apollo at an AKID Brand egg hunt that took place at the Lombardi House in Los Angeles on Sunday. As per the photos, Kingston and Zuma wore matching outfits as they sported black shirts and grey pants. Apollo, on the other hand, wore a white stop, jeans, and a red bandanna.

As for Rossdale , he was seen wearing a black-on-black sweatsuit with a grey top. He was also seen still wearing his wedding ring and it seems that it coincides with his statement in the past that the ring makes his children feel good whenever they see it still being worn by their father.

Reports say that the boys did not only enjoy hunting for easter eggs but they also had caricature art drawn of them. Apollo was seen with his father most of the time while the two older brothers ran around and enjoyed the spring activities. Rossdale and Apollo were also spotted riding down a slide.

The Easter egg hunting comes a day after the boys supported their mother’s boyfriend, Blake Shelton, at the annual Kids’ Choice Awards of Nickelodeon. Rossdale was also seen chatting with other celebrity attendees such as Selma Blair and Johnny Knoxville.

Rossdale has talked about his kids being his main focus after his split with Stefani. The Bush frontman shared last year, “The boys interact so well, and they truly love each other. They are so sweet and protective of each other, and they have little dance parties. I am always on the lookout to see what they are doing next and how they are working their naughty habits!”

An insider also shared that Rossdale is concerned about protecting his children especially from the media after he and Stefani announced last August that they were ending their 13-year marriage.