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‘General Hospital’ spoilers: Kristina’s new love interest Aaron might be an undercover cop

13 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – Kristina and Aaron have been getting closer by the day in the past episodes of “General Hospital” but their romance could be cut short as there is a possibility that he is an undercover cop resulting to Sonny getting suspicious of the new man in his daughter’s life.

More details about the relationship of the two were revealed in the latest spoilers for “General Hospital” and it has been reported that it was a bit too convenient that Aaron ran into Kristina outside the mental clinic room of Morgan. Aaron also eventually drops more hints about him possibly being a closet cop as he happens to be interested in Corinthos coffee and the restaurant that Sonny owns.

Fans are asking why Aaron is sticking around since most men would not like to be in any kind of relationship with a Corinthos . “General Hospital” fans are aware that Kristina is the daughter of the top mobster and is the step daughter of another mob boss in town.

Also, fans are speculating that cops are not allowed to be involved sexually with a person who is part of an investigation an officer is working on. This comes after Aaron turned down Kristina’s obvious hints that she wanted some action while they were at Casa Jerome as the possible cop said he did not want her mother walking in on them.

The FBI has been in Port Charles as of late in relations to Hayden Barnes and it is quite possible that Jordan recruited Aaron to do undercover work just like what he did before. Aaron might have also been assigned by Paul to take down Sonny due to the shooting incident in the past.

As for Maxie and Nathan, the former is still dismayed about the lies that the latter told her regarding his marriage to Claudette. “General Hospital” fans will see in the upcoming episodes that Spinelli will help Maxie dig for more details as Claudette will also be seen in Port Charles anytime soon.

It has also been reported that Elizabeth and Franco could be romantically affiliated in the upcoming episodes of “General Hospital.” Other spoilers include Lulu and Dante, who have been rebuilding their life together but could possibly face new problems soon.

The ABC soap airs Mondays through Fridays.