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‘General Hospital’ Wednesday spoilers: Maxie reconsidering future with Nathan, Morgan might leave mental hospital

8 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – The Wednesday episode of “General Hospital” will see Morgan possibly being released from the mental hospital soon, Maxie reconsidering being with Nathan after his lying and Julian terrifying Alexis.

For Morgan exiting the mental hospital, it was reported that he will be chatting with Dr. Andre Maddox and it would seem like the chat is for his counseling before his departure. Fans of the show will get to see Morgan thinking about how he will start his life anew after being in the hospital for moths and Dr. Andre reminding him that he has to take his medications daily.

More on Morgan, Sonny has threatened Ava as he thinks that she told Morgan to stay away from her daughter. Ava has not yet been confronted by this yet but Sonny is said to be telling Ava that he will retaliate if she messes with Morgan. Ava is set to leave town soon so it is possible that the threat from Sonny was a huge factor in her upcoming decision.

For the relationship of Julian and Alexis, fans know that they are not in a good place in their marriage right now and that scares Alexis. Alexis has been talking to Diane about turning her husband in but she has not decided on it completely yet. However, Julian will be talking to his wife to set the record straight and make sure she won’t make any move that would cause him to be behind bars.

Many are speculating that it is possible Julian could go as far as killing his wife so he won’t go to jail but there are no concrete spoilers yet regarding this matter.

Nathan and Maxie are also having problems in their relationship as the latter is considering her future with the former making his desperate. This comes after Nathan finally opening up about how things ended with Claudette. Fans could remembere that he shot the man he found in bed with Claudette. Maxie was then horrified about the new information and that Nathan lied to her for so long about something so big.

Kristina and Aaraon on the other hand have been spending a lot of time in the previous episodes of “General Hospital” and sparks are just flying between these two characters. However, she has not completely moved on from Parker yet.