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‘Grimm’ ending, canceled after season 6; ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ gets new host

30 August 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – The NBC show “Grimm” will no longer be renewed after season 6 as it has been announced that it was canceled .

“Grimm” Season 6 was scheduled to premiere this October 28 but it was also pushed on January 6 along with the announcement that the upcoming installment will be the last of the supernatural crime drama series. It will also have a new time slot, which is at 8 P.M., an hour earlier than the usual time it airs.

Rumors about “Grimm” coming to an end started when it was announced last April that the show will only be having 13 episodes for its sixth season. In the past five seasons, all installments had 22 episodes. In Season 5, it had 6.0 million viewers which was a decrease. Still, “Grimm” ranked as one of the highest-rated series for the Friday shows.

In the last season, “Grimm” fans saw Nick faced a familiar enemy in Capt . Sean Renard . Renard became the mayor in Portland and Nick will do everything in his power to protect his child with Adalind . Monroe and Rosalee are also struggling with how they will bring a child into the world. Accordingly, “Grimm” Season 6 will focus on the battle of Renard and Nick.

Along with the announcement that “Grimm” Season 6 was canceled , NBC also announced the reboot of “The Celebrity Apprentice.” The show will be having a new host, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The show will premiere this January 2 at 8 P.M. and Schwarzenegger will be joined by Warren Buffett, Tyra Banks, and Jessica Alba.

The premiere date for the new show “Emerald City” was also announced by NBC. “Emerald City” is said to be a re-imagined version of “The Wizard of Oz.” It will premiere this January 6 at 9 P.M.

The stars of “Grimm” have not yet commented on the show being canceled after season 6.