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Gwen Stefani thanks Blake Shelton during Woman of the Year 2016 acceptance speech

17 November 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – Gwen Stefani was named as Glamour Magazine’s Woman Of The Year and during the award ceremony, she gave a shout out to her beau, Blake Shelton.

Shelton and Stefani have been an item since last year and her comment that he kissed her back to life made the internet even more in love with the couple. The “No Doubt” singer was fighting back tears when she received her award in Hollywood, California. Stefani was introduced by James Corden as Glamour’s Woman of the Year and when she took the stage, she started to say that when she was on her way to the event, she was thinking to herself how did she get at this point of her life and how did she become the Woman of the Year during this specific year.

She continued to reveal that her parents have planted a seed within her, which she called a seed of faith. She noted that a year and a half ago, which was the time that she and her husband for numerous years, Gavin Rossdale , had a divorce, was when she reached rock bottom because of being too heartbroken. She then went on to say that she never thought she could pick herself up but she remembered God gave her the gift of music so she started pouring her heart into new music and that saved her life.

Stefani started to thank the people who made it all possible for her to come back from the devastating past. She thanked her fans, her parents, and her new partner, Blake Shelton. She shared, “To my children, to my family, to Blake Shelton for kissing me back to life, thank you so much. I am blown away, I'm blown away by this room of unbelievable courage.”

Shelton and Stefani have been together since late last year. The two developed their relationship while being coaches on “The Voice.” They both were going through their divorce when they fell in love and entered a new relationship.

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