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‘High School Musical 4’ rumored to see Taylor Swift as new leading lady of Zac Efron

26 October 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – “High School Musical 4” is confirmed to be back in the big screen and rumors have been swirling saying that Zac Efron’s new leading lady is Taylor Swift as he and Vanessa Hudgens could not work together.

A lot of “High School Musical” fans have been asking if the original cast will be coming back but the producers of the latest installment of the Disney original movie franchise have kept things under wraps about the flick.

Accordingly, “High School Musical 4” might check back on what has been going on with Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez , and the rest of the gang but Ashley Tisdale , who plays the role of Sharpay Evans, confirmed that she will not be seen in the show’s fourth installment. None of the other original cast members have come forward with the possibility of them being seen in “High School Musical 4.”

Tisdale told fans that she loved playing the role of Sharpay Evans in the past three installments of “High School Musical” but she does not know where to go from there in case she will be part of the upcoming installment.

Other rumors about the new Disney movie is about the “Style” songstress being paired with Efron. Accordingly, Efron and Swift have been dating for weeks now after she broke things off with Tom Hiddleston . Efron and Hudgens could reportedly not work together on “High School Musical 4” because of their previous romantic relationship possibly affecting their acting skill. The two have dated in the past and broke up in 2010.

“High School Musical 4” comes after eight years from when “High School Musical 3” was released by Disney and 10 years after the first installment came out.

It is possible that “High School Musical 4” will be having a new cast it will reportedly be focusing on the Wildcats and their rival West High Knights. Also, it was rumored that a new lead character named Campbell Evans, who is the cousin of Sharpay Evans. Campbell Evans is said to replace Troy Bolton as the team captain of Wildcats on “High School Musical 4.”

None of these speculations have been denied or confirmed by the makers of “High School Musical 4.”

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