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‘House of Cards’ Season 5 might see Claire kill Frank

26 September 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – The finale episode of “House of Cards” Season 4 made speculations swirl that Claire might kill her husband Frank because she was able to have a taste of power and now she wants more.

It has also been rumored that the showrunner of the series, Beau Willimon was fired due to the actor portraying Frank, Kevin Spacey .

There have been no confirmations yet as to when “House of Cards” Season 5 will be coming back to the small screen but rumors about what the next installment will be about has been a hot topic.

“House Of Cards” Season 4 ended with Frank Underwood wanting to be re-elected for the position of the President of The United States while Claire is set to run for the Vice Presidential post. The rumors that have been circulating involves Claire possibly not being content with being a Vice President so she will carry out a plot to kill her husband. She will reportedly have Frank assassinated so that she will take on the role of the president once he takes office.

Accordingly, “House of Cards” cast member Mahershala Ali, who plays the role of Remy Danton , assumed that if Frank would be killed off on the show’s fifth season, it would be interesting if someone close to him caused his demise. Ali shared as to who he believes would be responsible for Frank’s rumored death in “House of Cards” Season 5, "Like, maybe, at some point, because he's the one closest to him, my guess would be Stamper (Michael Kelly).”

Kelly was also asked in an interview if he believes that he would be killing Frank in “House of Cards” Season 5. He pointed out that his character and Frank never turned against each other and they trust each other their lives so he thinks Doug will never kill the “House of Cards” lead character.

As for Willimon being removed as the showrunner for “House of Cards,” it was reported that there have been no confirmations about the matter but it is rumored that Spacey was the reason for him being removed. Accordingly, two veteran writers are taking over the position of Willimon .

“House of Cards” Season 5 is expected to be back on Netflix by early 2017.