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Iggy Azalea hit with $1.5M lawsuit, ex-producer says she owes him money

12 May 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Iggy Azalea is facing a $1.5 million lawsuit after a Grammy Award-winning producer claimed that the “Fancy” singer took advantage of him in the rap industry as she did not pay him after she got her big break in the rap industry.

The producer, identified as Jon Jon Traxx , also worked with other famous singers in the music industry such as Beyonce, Keyshia Cole, and Lecrae . Traxx noted that he and Azalea signed a contract back in 2009. From then on until 2011, he claimed that he got Azalea’s career off the ground by helping her grow her network and her communications such as connecting her to major labels.

Traxx claimed he gave Azalea “substantive advice pertaining to her singing, rapping, and stage presence, and guided her music selection to best fit her talents.” He also added that he coordinated her shows and even got her a stylist that resulted to her having a “sassy persona.” He claimed that he gave her Defendant media training and assembling an artist development team with a choreographer, a vocal coach, and a publicist.

However, when Azalea got her big break with Def Jam in 2013, the two agreed to part ways. Part of their agreement when they ended their contract is that Traxx will continue to receive compensation. The Atlanta producer then claimed that he has not been paid accordingly by Azalea that is why he is taking the matters to court.

Azalea has been facing a lot of things as of late after her fiancé Nick Young was seen in a leaked video talking about meeting girls while talking to his co-NBA player D’Angelo Russell. He has since then been accused of cheating on Azalea. The Australian rapper has gone on different interviews since the video surfaced and she said that the wedding is still to happen but she is unsure about her future plans with her fiancé .

Azalea and her legal team are yet to comment on the lawsuit filed against the female rapper.