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Jake Gyllenhaal talks ex Reese Witherspoon, having a crush on Jennifer Aniston

7 April 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Jake Gyllenhaal has talked about his ex Reese Witherspoon and having a crush on Jennifer Aniston in his latest interview.

According to reports, Gyllenhaal had a major crush on his former co-star as per his interview with People magazine’s Jess Cagle . The 35-year-old actor and Aniston starred on the 2002 hit flick “The Good Girl.” Gyllenhaal joked, "She's a rough one, you know, not likable. So hard to compliment.” He then added, “I will say, I had a crush on her for years. And working with her was not easy…I was–um, yeah. That's all I'm going to say. It was lovely. It wasn't hard, that's what I would say."

When asked if he had a crush on Aniston because he grew up watching her on the sitcom “Friends,” Gyllenhaal shared, "Not so much Friends, but like kind of just her personality from afar and movies that she was in—some of Friends, but [I'm] not like a huge Friends fan, yeah but just like who she is."

As for his ex-girlfriend, Witherspoon, the actor had nothing but praises for her. The two appeared on screen together in the 2007 film “Rendition.” Their relationship ended in 2009.

Gyllenhaal said, “She is, as I would say about most of the women who I’m close friends with or had relationships in my life, one of the smartest, strongest people I’ve ever met.”

He also talked about Anne Hathaway, whom he worked with on 2005 flick “Brokeback Mountain” and 2010’s “Love and Other Drugs.”

The actor shared that Hathaway has a massive talent and is really brilliant but noted that she is sometimes a confusing human. Gyllenhaal added, “She’s one of the most adventurous people I’ve ever met. … When I first met her, and even now, even knowing her for a long time, Anne is somebody who would just not really want to get into the party – she is the life of the party and the person who will jump off the cliff first. She really is! I love contradictions in people, she happens to be that. I think she’s probably one of the most talented actresses of our generation.”