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James Corden and Selena Gomez take many ‘detours’ during carpool karaoke segment

22 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Selena Gomez is the latest to join James Corden on the Carpool Karaoke segment of the “Late, Late Show” and the two got on a roller coaster ride as well as went on the drive through of a McDonald’s to get a cup that had the singer’s lyrics from one of her songs.

At the beginning of the episode, Gomez and Corden listened to her song “Same Old Love,” which made the two sing along with it. Corden told Gomez that he had to go to work but they took a detour and went to a theme park to ride a roller coaster while singing another hit song of Gomez entitled “Come & Get It.” Corden was not able to sing most parts of the song since they are in a roller coaster ride but Gomez made it seem like it was a very easy thing to do.

The two then got back to the car and they started singing “Hands To Myself” and took ginger shots, which is part of Gomez’s daily routine. Gomez took the shot flawlessly while Corden could not breathe for a few seconds. He said, “Absolutely disgusting.” Gomez went on to say that the ginger kills the bad things in one’s body.

They started singing “Kill Em With Kindness” before they went to a McDonald’s drive through. The cashier freaked out over seeing Gomez and Corden joked that nobody even noticed him. They also got a cup with the lyrics from one of Gomez’s songs entitled “Love You Like A Love Song.”

She then shared that she felt like she has made it in the music industry when she was being made fun of. Corden joked that if that was her basis of making it, then he made it when he was around 11 or 13 years old when boys at school made fun of him.

Corden proceeded to let Gomez know about his thoughts on their girl squad, including Taylor Swift. Corden shared, "I think the squad is a bit sexist, because it's all about being equals, and yet no man has been asked to join the squad? I actually find it degrading to men." Gomez then responded saying that she thinks the industry could use a bit of female sexism.

Corden then asked, "So you're saying no men in the squad ever?" Gomez joked Corden should find her a boyfriend then she’ll think about it. Corden continued to tease Gomez saying that she is on a lookout for a boyfriend and wants a man in every place but the “A Year Without You Is Like A Year Without Rain” singer said she just wants to have fun.

They ended their Carpool Karaoke by singing Swift’s “Shake It Off.”