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Jeff Varner gets fired from real estate post after exposing Zeke Smith as a transgender

18 April 2017 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Charlotte, NC, United States (4E) – Jeff Varner made a scene during the latest episode of “Survivor: Game Changers” after he exposed the fact that one of the other contenders, Zeke Smith, is a transgender and just days after, his employer fired him from his real estate post.

Varner said in a statement he got fired from his North Carolina real estate job with Allen Tate Real Estate. He added, "I was devastated (and not) given the chance to explain or right the wrong. I didn't even find out from my company. Suddenly, my real estate license was inactive and my current clients (were) left in the dark. It took hours after my press junket (for Survivor) to get anyone with the company on the phone to tell me personally, and even longer to calm my clients. … My former boss told me that I was in a news story they wanted nothing to do with."

Varner also shared that his next plan after the firing will be to find another real estate firm that will take him in. He said he plans to bring his former clients with him to the new real estate firm he will work at.

Since the episode showing Varner outing Smith during tribal council, he took to social media to say that what he did was the worst decision of his life. In one tweet, he posted a photo of a lengthy statement apologizing to Smith, his family, and his friends. He revealed that he thought that people already knew Smith is a transgender that is why he talked about it. In truth, the staff and the production team knows that Smith is a transgender but none of his co-contenders knew about it.

He added, “Let me be clear, outing someone is assault. It robs a strong, courageous person of their power and protection and opens them up to discrimination and danger. It can leave scars that haunt them for a lifetime. I am profoundly sorry.” He also said that Smith is a wonderful man and he will forever be amazed by his forgiveness and compassion.

Varner also spent months trying to repair the damage he did. He went through therapy and spent time with several LGBT organizations.

After that tribal council, Varner was evicted by his tribemates. Smith remains in the game. “Survivor: Game Changers” airs Wednesdays on CBS.

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