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  • Jennifer Aniston drops by at ‘SNL’ to talk to Vanessa Bayer impersonating her ‘Friends’ character Rachel Green

Jennifer Aniston drops by at ‘SNL’ to talk to Vanessa Bayer impersonating her ‘Friends’ character Rachel Green

5 December 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

New York City, NY, United States (4E) – Jennifer Aniston dropped by “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend to have a conversation with Vanessa Bayer, the actress who impersonates Rachel on the show.

Bayer’s Rachel was at the “Weekend Update” sketch of “Saturday Night Live” and she was doing the impersonation before Aniston came into the picture. Bayer was explaining to Colin Jost about the 90s nostalgia of the hit 90s character when Aniston talked about how much she wants the “SNL” star to just drop the impersonation altogether.

Bayer expressed that she loves “Friends” as well as Rachel and Aniston said that she knows how much the “Saturday Night Live” star loves the hit series but “Friends” was “like five million and five years ago.” Bayer innocently asked why Aniston was there and the wife of Justin Theroux said that the “SNL” star has been texting her for 12 days to come and visit her so she did.

Bayer eventually said that she just wanted to see if Aniston would hang out with her. The “Friends” alum went on to ask Bayer once again to stop impersonating Rachel but the latter said that she makes a great bit impersonating the character. Aniston contested asking if the bit is really worth the time of anyone watching Bayer and attempted to impersonate the “SNL” star while impersonating Rachel. Eventually, the two synced regarding their impersonation of each other over Rachel of “Friends.” Aniston gave up persuading Bayer to stop impersonating Rachel and offered the comedienne to have nachos after the show.

Aniston also appeared on another skit alongside Kate McKinnon and Emma Stone, who was the host for the “Saturday Night Live” latest episode. The musical guest for “SNL” was Shawn Mendes.

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