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Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Evans not dating

26 January 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Evans have been rumored to be dating in the past weeks but reports have confirmed that they are not romantically linked.

According to the past reports, the two have been hanging out in the past few weeks and the rumor mill says that they are dating. However, a source shared that despite the fans shipping the two to be an item, there is no truth that they are attracted to each other as the actress is happily single.

However, one source said, "It's very new. They just started seeing each other a couple of weeks ago. Only their closest friends know. They've only gone on two dates so far, but they have been texting each other and talking on the phone. They even had a pizza and movie date at Jen's place."

Accordingly, the reason that the two are dating is Amy Schumer as the “Trainwreck” actress pushed her best friend to date Evans adding that the actor is “hot” and Lawrence is crazy if “she didn't go for it.”

The two, however, have not yet commented on the validity of these reports.

More on Lawrence, she is gearing up for another flick after the success of “Joy.” According to reports, the Oscar-nominated actress has landed a role in Sony Picture’s upcoming biopic of Fidel Castro called “Marita.” This is about the Cuban politician’s lover.

The film is basically about Marita Lorenz, the former lover of Castor. She was 19 at that time and was impregnated by the politician. However, she underwent abortion and was enlisted by the CIA to assassinate Castro after she joined anti-communist movements in the United States.

There are no other available details yet regarding the new film that Lawrence will star in such as when the shooting will start and when will it possibly hit the theatres .