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  • Jill Soloway mentions Donald Trump in acceptance speech during this year’s Emmy Awards

Jill Soloway mentions Donald Trump in acceptance speech during this year’s Emmy Awards

19 September 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Jill Soloway , the creator of “Transparent” slammed Republican nominee, Donald Trump, during her acceptance speech during this year’s Emmy Awards.

Soloway compared Trump to Adolf Hitler and she was not the only one who slammed the GOP nominee.

50-year-old Soloway shared, “Jews were other-ized in Nazi Germany to gain political power for Hitler, and right now Donald Trump is doing the same things. He’s other-izing people. He calls women pigs if they don’t look like beauty pageant contestants; he blames Muslims and Mexicans for our problems; he makes fun of disabled people. This is other-izing with a capital ‘O.'”

She added that Trump needs to be called out at every change one gets as Soloway believes the real estate mogul is one of the most dangerous monsters that will approach people in their lifetime just like Hitler is.

Aside from Soloway , Jeffrey Tambor slammed Trump. Tambor said, “Ditto, ditto, ditto to everything Jill Soloway just said.” Tambor won the actor in a comedy series award. He plays the role of a transgemnder woman on “Transparent.”

The host of this year’s Emmy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel, also slammed Trump in the opening monologue of the annual event. “Veep” showrunner David Mandel also talked about Trump during a backstage interview and he said, “There are days when things we think of pale in comparison to that mad man threatening Hillary Clinton not once but twice. If I wrote that I’d get fired by HBO. I find the level of discourse in this campaign horrific.”

Trump has not yet commented on these.