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John Stamos reportedly getting naked on ‘Scream Queens’ Season 2

13 July 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – The FOX hit thriller-comedy series “Scream Queens” Season 2 will soon be hitting the small screen and reports claim that John Stamos will be seen naked at one point of the show.

“Scream Queens” Season 2 will be back this September 20 and Glen Powell, one of the actors returning for the next installment, said that he and Stamos are not wearing clothes in one of the scenes. Stamos has been casted to play the role of Dr. Brock Holt. Dr. Brock is said to be a brilliant head surgeon but is very secretive.

Powell added, "So I have to figure out my diet. I should probably not have a carb for a second because I don't want John Stamos to show me up."

From the college setting and sorority sisters being the focus of “Scream Queens” Season 1, the second season will be showing the hospital owned by Dean Munsch , played by Jamie Lee Curtis. The hospital will reportedly try to treat “really crazy, weird illnesses, and diseases.”

Powell continued to reveal that “Scream Queens” Season 2 will be much darker than the first season and is all the more twisted. He noted that it would still have the “weird campy element, and that bubble gum mentality” but it will be really dark as opposed to the first installment.

One of the newcomers for “Scream Queens” Season 2 is the former “Twilight” actor, Taylor Lautner . Lautner plays the role of another doctor named Dr. Cassidy Cascade. His former “Twilight” co-star, Kristen Stewart, recently shared that she is looking forward to watching Lautner on the show.

A source shared, “Kristen and Taylor are still super tight friends. She actually loves Scream Queens and thinks Taylor is perfect for the show. She says Taylor is fun and quirky like the show. She’s hoping to have a little get-together at her house when the show premieres (Sept. 20), so they can all watch it together. It gives them an excuse to hang out and catch up.”

As for the other characters from “Scream Queens” Season 1 set to return, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin , Keke Palmer, Billie Lourd , and Niecy Nash have all been confirmed.

“Scream Queens” Season 2 will be returning on FOX this September at 8 P.M.