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Johnny Depp’s partner Vanessa Paradis wife furious over divorce reports, fears he would lose millions

27 May 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Reports have surfaced claiming that Amber Heard has filed a divorce from actor Johnny Depp and his former partner, Vanessa Paradis , is not happy about it as she fears that not having a prenuptial agreement would result to him losing millions of money that is supposed to be for their children.

A source said that Paradis is laughing at Depp for being so reckless of not protecting his assets from a woman he only knew for months before getting married but she is more concerned with their children.

The insider shared, “Part of her is furious with Johnny for being so reckless and dumb with his money. He exposed himself by not having a prenup and now he and their children and future grandchildren will suffer because of it. He’s going to lose millions of dollars of his kids’ inheritance.”

As per the documents, Heard is asking for spousal support and that she wants the actor to pay for her attorneys’ fees.

The filing states, "Petitioner's separate property assets and debts are unknown at this time. Petitioner shall seek leave to Amend same when such is ascertained.” Depp and his legal team have filed a counter-petition days after wherein he requested that they should pay their own attorney fees and also asked the court to terminate spousal support.

Although Heard has been successful in doing movies like “Magic Mike XXL” and “The Danish Girl” while married to Depp, he is far richer than the actress. He is estimated to be worth $400 million and owns a lot of properties such as an island.

Forbes has placed Depp as the number one most overpaid actor of 2015 in December. It is said that Heard has no legal claim to anything that Depp earned before they married back in February 3, 2015. Also, as per the California law, the couple is set to split their communal property that were acquired during their marriage.

For the past year, Depp only shot for “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell.” For “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” it was shot back in 2014. If and when the two are to split everything 50-50, he will also get some from her “Danish Girl” earnings. California law also states that a couple has to be married for 10 years before a spousal support is granted.

As for the reason for the divorce, his partying ways reportedly drove Heard to decide to end their marriage. He also has become all the more interested in being a rock and roll star so it means he spends a lot of time in studios and clubs. She reportedly felt lonely over the past months.